find out what we get asked about the most!

Can I use cash at the Crocky Trail?
No, the Crocky Trail is a cashless site.
Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are very welcome at the Crocky Trail so long as they are kept on their leads at all times. Dogs on the Dangerous Dog Act 1991 are not permitted into Crocky Trail.

What should I wear?

In cold/wet weather, wrap up warm and bring a spare pair of shoes. Trainers are perfect for the use of the rides however you may want to change into wellies before beginning the trail. In hot weather we recommend wearing trainers as certain rides prohibit open-toed shoes.
Bring a long-sleeve top to wear when using the slides.

Do I have to pay if I’m only watching?
Yes, everyone entering must pay admission – Crocky Trail is an adventure park made for the whole family to have fun! As expected, some rides are just for the kids, however there are plenty of activities for adults to join in. Crocky Trail does not offer spectator tickets.
Is there a car park at Crocky Trail?

Yes, there is a large car park with free parking.

Is everything included in the cost of my ticket?

Everything apart from food and refreshments are included in your ticket price.

Will the rides remain open if it rains?
When it comes to rainy days, all of our rides remain open with the exception of the large slides. As soon as the rain subsides, our slide supervisors will wipe the slides down and open them up again!
How much time do I need to enjoy my day at Crocky Trail?
The Crocky Trail is a full day experience! We advise that you allow a minimum of 4 hours here to enjoy your time and make the most of our thrilling attractions and trail.
Is The Crocky Trail wheelchair and pushchair accessible?

In dry weather, our trail is wheelchair and pushchair accessible. After/during rainfall, the trail is subject to flooding, therefore restricting wheelchair/pushchair access. Please ring us before your visit. You have access to the car park all day so pushchairs/wheelchairs can be left in the car at any point.
Please note: Double buggies may be too wide to fit around the trail path!

What is the difference between a yellow and red wristband?
Check the ‘Wristband Profile’ page to see attraction access.
Do we have to book before we arrive?
We recommend pre-booking before you visit. Screenshot your tickets and have them ready to present to the admissions staff on arrival.
What time is last entry?
Please arrive before 3pm to make the most of your day.
Can I bring my own food and drink?
You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink into the Crocky Trail. We have several dedicated picnic areas throughout the park.
Do you host birthday parties?
Please email [email protected] regarding party inquiries.
Are there any changing rooms?
Yes, changing rooms are available at the Crocky Trail.