The Rusticus Woodland Creatures Theatre are coming to The Crocky Trail and they need your help to tell one of the greatest stories ever told! In The Three Musketeers you’ll help Rabbit to become the hero of an adventure story brimming with french royals, swashbuckling swordsmen and legendary vegetables!  With plenty of fun and interactive silliness, it will definitely be “all for one and one for all” this Summer.

And remember, no story is too big to tell – if you have enough imagination!

The Rusticus Woodland Creatures’ Theatre is a motley crew of enthusiastic rodents, birds and fluffy woodland animals who all share a passion for telling great stories of adventure and daring! Their style is interactive, bold, and simply can’t be achieved without the creative talents of their willing family audiences!  

Rusticus have had ten brilliant years of creating open-air family-friendly immersive adventures that place audiences at the centre of the story. If you are a family who love an adventure then come and join Rusticus at The Crocky Trail – and don’t forget your imaginations!


Under 3s are free, but 3 and 4 year olds are £4.50. There is lots for them to do from the starter slides, inflatables, including the excellent sweeper, ball games, Titanic and the Three Musketeers theatre show during August.

There are 3 shows a day, approximately half an hour long.