Booking is in advance online only. No admission by paying on the gate. We sell out so don’t travel a long way without a ticket please!!

Please note you now receive your ticket AND a QR Code. You must present the QR Code at the gate to gain entrance. On your phone or printed out. Remember signals aren’t always great in the countryside. Screen grab it if you are unsure.

Click on BOOK NOW for availability and prices and ticket types.

Some prices may be subject to change


The price matrix below shows our standard prices. 

However you can book cheaper the earlier you book!

You can book cheaper on our quieter days!

You MAY pay our premium price if you leave it till the night before your visit, or on the day!

See you soon.

Please note you will only ever pay a maximum of 50p difference either way, but why not book early and save!

Ages 5 to 21

£16.00 each

Children ages 5 to 21 (Yes some 21 year olds are big kids!!!) Full access to all rides, slides, and Trail

Adults 21+

£11.00 each

Adults (21 and over). Restricted access to a limited number of the more physical rides, but access to all the slides, Titanic, Flusher and the trail.


£7.50 each

Concession tickets are available for people with disabilites of all ages, NHS staff, all blue light card holders, and senior citizens. Concessions tickets come with the same terms as adult tickets, allowing the use of all low impact, low ability activities only. Should your child desire to upgrade to a full access childs ticket, this can be done on site by contacting one of our managers.


£5.00 each

Carer tickets are available for people accompanying those with disabilities of all ages. Proof of carer ID, DLA, etc, required on entry. Carer tickets come with the same terms as adult tickets, allowing the use of all low impact, low ability activities only.

Kids Under 5

Kids under 5 GO FREE! (please ensure you still allocate a ticket for them!).They are excluded from a handful, very small number overall, of some rides the bigger kids get wild on! But access to all slides and the trail.

booking system

Crocky Trail’s booking system is now powered by Smeetz

You will see Smeetz mentioned on your bookings, tickets, URL’s and payments… please be assured that this is on behalf of Crocky Trail

Prices may change at any time on the day of booking.

We do not offer refunds, but you may be able to reschedule with enough notice