The Under 5’s


River rapid race

Step into a realm of enchantment at the Crocky Trail's Wonderland, dedicated to under 5's.

The Wonderland – A fantasy realm for kids under 5

Our newest location is a magical and enchanting land dedicated to the littlest adventurers under 5 years old. The Wonderland is a world of imagination, wonder and giggles where the fun never stops. This area celebrates the innocence and joy of childhood so that every moment is a cherished memory waiting to be made.

Adventure awaits at the Wonderland, Chester

Getting itchy feet to explore terrains, unearth treasures and overcome obstacles? Find the best activities for toddlers in Waverton, all at one location. From slides and a bouncy castle to whirlpools and swings, the Crocky has a way of keeping little Indiana Jones and Lara Crofts amused. 

Gold rush digs

Is your little one ready to be a treasure hunter? Dive into the heart of adventure as they dig for fool’s gold in the Wonderland’s interactive water feature. Picture their eyes lighting up with excitement as they unearth sparkling treasures hidden beneath the water’s surface. It’s not just a water activity for toddlers but a sensory experience that combines fun, learning and curiosity. 

Whirlpool wonders

Watch in awe as balls spiral and swirl down the enchanting water whirlpool. Don’t worry – it’s safe for everyone! Let your kid release their favourite colourful balls and follow their journey through the Crocky amusement park for toddlers.

River rapids race

Ready, set, race! Thrilling river rapids await your little one’s adventurous spirit. This outdoor activity is for toddlers who like to feel the joy of victory. Release balls into the water and watch them zoom and zigzag as they rush downstream. Cheer for your kid, and share the excitement together.

Bouncy castle

Could the best theme park for toddlers in Waverton come without a jumpy magnet for kids? No way! We want your little one to bounce, jump, tumble, play and giggle to their heart’s content. Let them explore the inflatable fairytale of a bouncy castle to cherish the moments they’ll remember forever!

Bouncy Castle

There are loads of different ways you’ll be able to cross the Crocky stream including the scary wobbly bridges, swinging chain bridge and fallen log – Even have a picnic in one of our tree houses!

Are you brave enough to tackle our vertical slides, feel the rush of your life as the adrenaline pumps through your body!

Be sure to grab a mat if you dare to go faster…

Enjoy some of our classic rides like the Spinning Disk, Titanic and the terrifying Flusher.