Crocky Goes GreenER

Crocky Trail is partnered with Tudor Griffiths Group – one of the UKs leading waste management solutions.85% of Crocky’s waste is recycled!


The founder of the Crocky Trail. Edward Walley has recently undertaken a commendable initiative by planting 700 trees in just two weeks! The Trees include a range of species, such as Birch, Oak, Alder, and Holly, and can be seen in the park just after the start of the trail!

Tree Replanting Initiative

Here are CrockyTrail we have reduced our plastic waste to ~ zero.Now using biodegradable cups and canned water, no  plastic bottles on site!


coming soon
Crocky Trail is the process of installing a solar panel facility, with the aimof producing 50% of the park’s annual power use!

Coming Soon

giving back
If Crocky lost property is un- claimed after 6 months, we are proud to donate items to our local charities and benefit those in need.

Giving Back

The Crocky Bites restaurant has adopted portion control and  menu engineering, to eliminate food waste.Leftover food is collected and composted.

No Food Waste