Are you brave enough to tackle our vertical slides?

Feel the rush of your life as the adrenaline pumps through your body!

Be sure to grab a mat if you dare to go faster…


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pyramid slide



There are loads of different ways you’ll be able to cross the Crocky stream including the scary wobbly bridges, swinging chain bridge and fallen log – Even have a picnic in one of our tree houses!

Are you brave enough to tackle our vertical slides, feel the rush of your life as the adrenaline pumps through your body!

Be sure to grab a mat if you dare to go faster…

Enjoy some of our classic rides like the Spinning Disk, Titanic and the terrifying Flusher.


Family park slides for quality time together

This section of the Crocky Trail is always full of guests of all ages, being a favourite of children and parents. Why? Because our theme park slides prove that instant fun – what all kids love – is better when pursued actively. Every Crocky Trail experience is the real thing. And it’s unlimited fun, so you can enjoy crazy rides down our park slides to your heart’s content or run around and explore other attractions to make the most of your action-packed family outing.  As chaotic as kids may be when enthusiasm and energy seem to flow out of their ears, the Crocky Trail provides safe and delightful family bonding experiences. No risk is involved when your little one takes the plunge. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel for weekend entertainment options or birthday party themes in Chester. The Crocky Trail adventure park with slides is ideal for giving parents some peace of mind while their little ones go up and down. You can jump into action to treat your inner child, too!

The amusement park slides that you’ll want to brave

A whirlwind of fun and a paradise of exploration and play, the Crocky Trail offers plenty of surprises not just for the youngest. Our kids’ slides and outdoor attractions are varied and suited to different ages, so this is the place for the entire family. They range in size, steepness and thrill factor – from mild to wild – to entertain and engage everyone.  Welcome to the Crocky Trail to:
  • Relive your best family memories and make new ones with slides that send you into flight mode for a split second – and into the universe of happiness for the day.
  • Spend the day you will remember forever for the sensation of being happily lost in the moment at the Crocky Trail family park with slides. You’ll instantly discover that when sliding down one of those – so you don’t have to take your kids’ words for it. Join them for hours of fun! 

Everyone is invited to have a great time

While playgrounds with slides for kids can be a messy and unregulated environment – and most entertainment venues don’t allow bringing snacks – the Crocky Trail is different for your comfort and stress-free experience. Pets, food and drinks are allowed here. You can even unpack for a picnic, and no family member feels left out.  If you get hungry after your active pursuits, a picnic is a wonderful idea to recharge, re-energise and keep everyone happy. However, you don’t have to fuss over it and bring everything along. Our Food & Drink selection includes stone-baked pizzas, sandwiches and snacks you can enjoy during your pause.