spinning wheel

Explore the Spinning Wheel at Crocky Trail

The Spinning Wheel marks a significant milestone at Crocky Trail as our first electronic ride. It’s a straightforward yet remarkably captivating experience. The ride, shaped like a large disc, offers a deceptively calm appearance, setting the stage for a challenge that’s as simple as it is engaging.


Experience the Spinning Wheel

Upon entering the Spinning Wheel room, guests are greeted by the ride operator, who invites everyone to find a seat on the wheel, accommodating up to 20 riders at a time. The objective seems simple: remain seated for as long as possible. However, as the ride begins to spin under the operator’s control, the challenge quickly escalates.

A Test of Endurance and Balance

As the Spinning Wheel gains momentum, the combined forces of speed and gravity create a playful yet challenging environment. Riders may find themselves struggling to stay on as the wheel spins faster, leading to spontaneous moments of laughter and surprise when they gently slide off. The last person remaining on the wheel earns bragging rights, marking a light-hearted contest of stamina.

A Unique Addition to Crocky Trail

The Spinning Wheel is more than just an amusement; it’s a unique blend of simplicity and excitement, providing a memorable experience for visitors of all ages. It embodies the spirit of Crocky Trail by offering an enjoyable, family-friendly challenge.

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We invite you to take a seat on the Spinning Wheel during your next visit to Crocky Trail Chester. It’s an experience that combines fun, laughter, and a touch of competition, perfect for guests looking for an enjoyable, straightforward ride.